Email Marketing

 Email marketing continues to be an effective tool to reach the consumer. The medium is helpful to target possible customers who are not accessible through the existing consumer network or through social media platforms. These are the people who are likely to become active customers if they are only made aware of the offers the firm has for them but are currently unaware of any such incentives.

Our Email Marketing process contains following activities:

  • Our email marketing solutions give you the power to control the category and number of customers you want to reach. You can categorise the email list on the basis of demographics, location or other criteria.
  • We help you record key metrics that present an insight into the behaviour of your customers and their preferences.
  • We provide email marketing solutions that provide you measurable results. You can determine the delivery rates, open rates, click to deliver rates and subscriber retention rates from test cases.
  • Types of email marketing we offer Email Newsletters, Transactional Emails, Direct Emails.